Soprano Sharon Azrieli and composer Frank Wildhorn create a dream team for this album – Frankly Sharon – featuring musical theatre songs from sultry French to passionate Italian and poignant Hebrew, with translations all done by Sharon Azrieli. Not only is Sharon Azrieli a cherished star in Canada, having been recognized in 2019 with the Order of Quebec (Chevalière du Québec), she has been enchanting audiences around the world with an enviable operatic career. And Frank Wildhorn’s music is as charismatic as he is: from his soaring melodies to his complex harmonies, he has a way of speaking directly to the heart.

Sharon Azrieli is a visionary. She has the ability to take an idea and turn it into something fresh, exciting, and unforgettable. The mature interpretation of each selection allows the songs to be melancholic but still hopeful. The message of hope is one that sums up the miracle of this collaboration: that “if you trust your heart, anything can happen.”

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